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Printing & Pay per Use

We believe that optimizing print resources must play an important role within the IT infrastructure of your business, so we offer Payment for use as the optimal choice in this task . We detail the four points are taken into account in our projects.

Analysis: Determination of the current printing cost.

Absid offers a personalized assessment that allows the total cost of ownership of your print environment . We perform an inventory of all devices and the collection of information on the workflow , the number of users and volume of printing.

Also, this process will serve as a basis for making recommendations on the future implementation . Recommendations include reviewing the total cost of ownership and propose a strategy to optimize the infrastructure of imaging and printing and ensure alignment with your business goals.

Design : Balancing cost and productivity.

As part of the process, surveys were conducted to assess the needs of end users. The survey results will be included in the valuation consultants Absid used as a basis to propose a new optimized design that allows to save costs and improve productivity.

The final design will be endorsed with a printing policy and a SLA to be defined in collaboration with the client.

Deployment: Excellence and scope in project management , user satisfaction.

In addition to installing the hardware and network, Absid can also offer project management to provide you a single point of accountability .

We will manage the implementation based on a governance model that defines roles and responsibilities, business processes and risk plans .

Once the new design gets approval in accordance with the policy of printing, implantation occurs . We provide installation and removal for all printers specified . As part of this comprehensive approach to project management, quality control and end-user satisfaction are constantly monitored .

Management : Focus on your business

We manage your new infrastructure throughout the duration of the service contract .

This includes supply of consumables in addition to technical assistance and maintenance. Also included detailed reports on monitoring and use of devices , trends and history of consumables and services. A dedicated resource requirements manages its imaging and printing , providing regular account reviews and evaluation of performance SLA.

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