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Computer Services

We offer a complete outsourcing service in order that you can delegate all or part of the management of its computer at either the communications, client machine, servers or printers. Based on the principle of proactivity in which we seek to ensure the continuity of its technology platform and in order to achieve your satisfaction we detail our offer assistance as far as technique is concerned either physical or virtual platform.

Services by Location

Remote: This support is provided in order to resolve incidents that do not require the presence of a technician on-site with the consequent cost savings that this entails and the speed you in managing it.

In Situ: Our technicians will travel to the customer's home. Indicated in the vast majority of cases.

Via Email: Support that does not require special urgency so it can be treated or followed remotely via email.

Immediate: Service for customers with exceptional cases, such as service stops critical.

Areas of technical assistance

In an effort to provide a unified service covering the various areas surrounding the current computer, we offer our technical assistance in the following areas of your business.

Micro computers and workstations: Maintenance and troubleshooting, and both software and hardware at the client computers and their peripherals.

Servers and Storage: Support Microsoft expert implementations as well as applications that your company has on its servers, backups, virtual technology implementations or whatever your corporate application.

Connectivity and networking: To ensure the ongoing continuity of service we also offer assistance with any problems as far as communications are concerned.

Park maintenance printing: Our accreditation as experts in HP IPG in apses make a service we can provide technical assistance on very competitive printers and plotters on HP and any other brand and / or model.

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