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Absid philosophy is to offer a comprehensive service until full implementation of the law. This service includes:

  • Initial diagnosis of the current situation in your company.
  • Identification of files.
  • Preparation of regulatory documentation.
  • Defining Responsibilities and Privacy Commitment.
  • Management Information System, preservation and access system.
  • Registration with the Data Protection Agency.
  • Perform diagnostics implementation and enforcement of the Law.


Our team will help in the preparation of a complete documentation to demonstrate compliance with current legislation and that the company has a policy of confidentiality and data protection.

Your files and your company is registered with the Data Protection Agency Audit follow-up data at medium and high.

Follow-up to meet the legal obligation that requires a minimum frequency of twice a year to verify that safety standards remain in place and apply them to the staff rules.

Type code creation

If a group of organizations we help you making the code of conduct deactuación guide for all companies of the Association.

A different service

for every need

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