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Systems consolidation and virtualization

A common problem facing today's IT managers in many organizations is to find that, due to the increasing integration of legacy technologies, IT infrastructure has become a highly heterogeneous and complex. This situation not only makes skyrocketing costs of administration, but also increases the number of incidents, making it difficult to meet service level agreements, and hinders the integration of new technologies to adapt their IT to the new objectives business. In this situation it is necessary to consider the advantages of approaching a consolidation project systems.

Systems consolidation reduces complexity and costs of administration and support while improving the level of control and optimize the investment in hardware. Reducing the variety of solutions and technologies to make better use of existing systems also increases the control that companies have on the provision of services and the speed with which new developments can be integrated.

As we can see with the new virtual platforms we have a technological phenomenon that allows us to make better use of physical resources available to us which results in lower TCO and therefore savings for your company, reduce the complexity of management, provide higher availability and greater flexibility, also getting a much higher utilization of our existing systems. Using virtualization solutions can pool and share IT resources so utilization is optimized and they got the "offer" to automatically adapt to demand.

Our partner for these implementations is the renowned brand VMWare with whom we have conducted numerous successful projects and who can enjoy the benefits offered by virtual technology at its best applied on the different technologies currently available, NAS, SAN or ISCSI.

Messaging Solutions

We advocate the implementation of solid solutions and compared with manufacturers guarantees and that is why we offer our customers the peace of implementations provided by Microsoft Exchange. Software is not only a sending / receiving mail is a powerful unified communications tool in which your company can have a wide service repository.

Backup Solutions

Despite the importance of having a schedule and maintenance of backup systems, many companies do not believe that should be a priority. But in apses believe it should play a very important and as such we offer and review backup solutions tailored to your requirements and needs of the hand from manufacturers such as Symantec or CA on substrates of different types, either unit tape, HDD, etc.

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