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Auditing and securing networks

In ABISD we know that every corporate network has its own needs for security and data protection. Our consulting services relating to satisfy these needs by providing personalized services and project-based. These services include:

Security Assessments: Abisd examines the network, determines the level of security and highlights any potential hole in firewalls, routers and other network devices. Then, we develop comprehensive reports containing an analysis of the internal network, a description of how the network is presented to potential aggressors and a detailed list of corrective actions.

Security Design and Implementation: for customers who require a comprehensive approach to network security, apse evaluates the overall safety and then designs and implements solutions. This includes the development of security policies to ensure that the security solution has a solid foundation.

Our alliance:

In order to determine the level of security provided by your company, we offer a consulting service in the area of perimeter security in which we work closely with renowned manufacturer and SONICWALL to provide powerful solutions to real prices competitive. Advanced Security Systems provides security, management of bandwidth and filtering options to levels never seen before.

Structured Wiring

From good wiring depends the performance of a network. The current development of communications, video conferencing, multimedia services and / or computer networks, necessitates the use of an advanced structured cabling system that can support all communication needs. Today, many companies have a voice and data infrastructure mainly disaggregated according to different applications and environments and depending on the modifications and extensions been done in time without or a plan of expansion. In Absid we have experts in the area of design and implementation to ensure the reliability and performance of your network.

Enterprise architecture

Depending on the requirements required as well as the environment we can offer solutions to intercommunicate as conducting a technology-based implementation that more and better suits your needs.

Likewise, with the aim of providing the reliability you want to your network, we can certify your installation, ensuring a safe at the same longevity and flexible modularity that will make any subsequent changes possible with the facilities that a well studied infrastructure offers.

Solutions to small and large scale

From small spaces with few devices interconnected to corporate buildings which should be implemented electronics entire network with all relevant rules applied EIA/TIA/568-B standards, as well as appropriate for your environment will be applied to each part on which is divided your infrastructure. Whether at Backbone, horizontal cabling and user access.

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