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Virtual private servers VPS

Most companies host their services on shared servers, is what is known as "Hosting " .

A shared server means that a number of websites and other services such as email and databases are hosted on the same server, sharing the resources of the machine.

The competitor Hosting are much cheaper and ideal for companies who do not have credit card transactions, do not have much traffic or not contained in their databases very sensitive and important information. Companies that rely on their web sites, email and databases for your business should invest in a more controlled and private environment.

Privacy Policy

Shared environment is not ideal for maintaining the security of your data, as many other users have access to the same system. With a dedicated server you can set security policies you want, and even access shield to keep your data in a secure environment.

Exclusive use of server resources

In a shared server all services hosted in the same shared processing power, RAM and disk space. In a dedicated server all resources are used exclusively for their services and applications , and have the ability and the right to consume the resources they have available machine ( process , RAM, storage)

Total Control

You may install the applications you want , booting processes and services you need , and tasks as appropriate. The server will be at your disposal for your needs at all times, and no more depend on your application, so you can configure them as required. Also allows for a greater control of security and full access to logs. The server is full for you, with "super - user" access to perform the tasks you want. Although if you want, and do not need all that control, we can offer a service management server, so you can worry about your business exclusively.

We challenge you to send us any doubts that you may have about this solution and / or how to adapt it to your business. This has several ways to contact in the contact form on our website.

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