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Virtual Desktops

Desktop virtualization provides a number of key benefits that makes this technology is chosen by a large number of our clients:

Increase the security of desktops and lowers support costs

Organizations have a lot of problems granting permissions to users of their computers . It is difficult to give the minimum possible permissions and offer users a flexible working environment with all the functionality they need to perform their jobs, especially for users who travel. Desktop virtualization enables centralize desktops on central servers and manage these desktops remotely individually. Radically reduces the cost of maintenance of desktops and not allow its users to modify anything in the operating system, the main cause of problems in organizations.

Reduce the overall cost of Hardware

Desktop virtualization means that you do not have to have the latest technology, for all desktop applications are centrally executed on a remote server. This means that equipment users are using to connect to the server have a longer life. These costs can be reduced further to access virtual desktops use thin clients, which are much less expensive than traditional PC. In Absid we have the leading manufacturer of software for Virtual Desktops CITRIX.

Ensure business continuity

A recent study indicates that the vast majority of organizations have no plans to continue the current business. The survey suggests that given the possibility of a failure of public transport or disaster in the workplace, many companies would not be able to reopen the business, while users of desktop virtualization would be able to offer its users a key staff to access their desktops from any location.

ecological alternative

Virtual desktops stored on the central server are an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional PC. One of the greatest benefits of server virtualization is saving energy that occurs when multiple servers running at low utilization applications are combined into a single physical piece of hardware.

Improve data security

Desktop virtualization makes all data on users ' desktops, and therefore organizations are centrally stored on the servers, nothing is stored locally. So if the employee lost or stolen laptop, not lost or dangerous hands pass data.

From a single desktop organizations to large corporations with hundreds of them, we have the solution for you. Only you must have Internet access, the technology infrastructure put us.


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