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In today's world, software online backup should be safe, extremely reliable and ultra -fast. Our technology offers these critical features, allowing you to keep the most valuable assets, their customers and business details are lost.

Save significantly on costs, time and bandwidth, especially when it comes to backups bulk-data. As a result you get a search and restore lost documents IN SECONDS.

The high priority tasks can continue and that saves files into sections or blocks, rather than in a single document. In the copy specific adjustments are identified and only copies are updated with the changed blocks. System known as deduplication.

Quick, efficient and affordable Ultra, accessibility and security 24 hours.

Backups to manage hundreds of servers and workstations throughout the national territory , using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES ) to maintain the required data security , 128 -bit AES , 256 - bit AES (military grade), Blowfish encryption of 448 bits using WebDAV over SSL to protect the email.

The saved data is safe during the day, 365 days a year. Our technology integrates seamlessly with Windows® , Linux® OS X® platforms , as well as Microsoft® Exchange, Hyper - V® , SharePoint® , SQL Server® , MySQL® , Oracle® and VMware® , we also offer the possibility of local copy.

Seamless integration, constant monitoring, management console beData cloud -Backup (our technology partner).

Storage devices work with the latest generation of renowned manufacturers.

We comply with the safety regulations and data protection law senior (NATIONAL).

Devices DAS or NAS storage are suitable for local installations. No requirements are needed regarding the speed of the disks, SATA disks are relatively cheap enough for the service implementation.

High Availability Architecture art infrastructure and application. If a physical fault occurs in one of the machines can automatically start the services in any of the other machines.

This automatic service recovery guarantees continued operation of services offered, thus minimizing the possibility of failure on the part of users.

The only parameter that is taken into account when billing service is the number of GB's that are in the backup, nothing more. Whatever the agent that your organization will not raise the final amount.

In Absid want to offer the opportunity to see by yourself the product so we offer a free demo of it so that you yourselves may prove its effectiveness.


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