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Led by Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 offer a broad and new set of technologies, capabilities and services for the product line Exchange Server.

Your goal is to help individuals and organizations in the development of work habits of a communication-based approach to a collaborative approach. At the same time, Exchange Server 2013 helps reduce total cost of ownership whether you deploy Exchange 2013 locally or perform provisioning mailboxes in the cloud.

Service AntiSpam, Antivirus and Malware included, besides the Backup service.

New functions and features of Exchange 2013 are designed to do the following:

Multigenerational support staff. Social integration and simplification of finding people are essential for users. "Smart Search" learns user behavior to improve communication and collaboration and prioritize search results from Exchange. Also, Exchange 2013 users can merge contacts from multiple sources to provide a single view of a person, linking contact information taken from multiple locations.

To provide an engaging experience Microsoft Outlook 2013 and Microsoft Outlook Web App has a new look. Outlook Web App emphasizes a powerful user interface that also supports the use of touch capabilities, enhancing the experience on mobile devices with Exchange.

Help to meet the changing needs of compliance Compliance and eDiscovery pose a challenge for many organizations. Exchange 2013 helps you to search and find data not only in Exchange, but throughout the organization. With improved search and indexing functions, you can search in Exchange 2013, Lync 2013, SharePoint 2013 and Windows file servers. Furthermore, data loss prevention (DLP) can also help protect the organization of users mistakenly send confidential information to unauthorized persons information. DLP helps you identify, monitor and protect sensitive data with an analysis of more detailed content.

Provide a strong solution Exchange 2013 is based on the architecture of Exchange Server 2010 and has been redesigned to provide greater ease of scale hardware utilization and fault isolation.

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