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About Us

We offer solutions, not more problems.

Absid is a company founded with the mission of providing the services your business needs, humane treatment, professionalism and transparency are our hallmarks. Based on the experience and knowledge of the harvested over many years we can offer solutions tailored to their needs adapting to the context and situation of your company explicitly in order to get your satisfaction.

We offer a wide and varied range of services that can meet their needs in the field of information technology concerns as well as provide comprehensive support for all their IT infrastructure, communications and peripherals such as printing devices.

In Absid believe in solid solutions based on contrasting products which in turn affirm ourselves to determining if meet the requirements of quality we demand. For this we have the collaboration of the best manufacturers in each business area, in order to provide optimal results.

Our intention is to be the partner in which to put their trust in that information technology is concerned; those who delegate the maintenance of its communications and computing infrastructure with absolute confidence of those who look after the computer systems your business as you would do it.

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